How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy SM-N915A Forgotten Password

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The best way to secure phone from unwanted access is using pattern, pin, password, or finger print scan depending on your device. You too can get locked out if you forget your lock code like am face with now with one Samsung Galaxy SM-N915A on my desk.

There are two option a smartphone technician (geek) can use to resolve and change the password. The first option is via Android Device Manager while the other is doing the hard reset.

Note: hard reset erases all data stored on the device so you will be on the save side you have you device backed up before the process.

Steps to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Using Android Device Manager:

• Going for option of unlocking your with Android Device Manager means you already have Google account signed in your device else it won’t work.
• Confirm that you phone is connected to the internet either through wifi or phone mobile data subscription.
• Log on to Android Device Manager on PC with the same signed in gmail account on your locked device.
• To be sure its connect ring the phone then proceed to click on “Lock” option which will pop up new lock screen.
• Input your new preferred password and click on lock button to save.
• Back to you phone, enter that password to unlock it.
If your phone data connection is off and wifi not connected the you have to opt in for the hard reset – erasing everything in the phone including the password.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy SM-N915A

1. Power off the phone.
2. Press and hold Volume Up and Home key simultaneously
3. Press and hold the power key for some seconds.
4. Release all keys pressed when Android or Samsung logo pop up.
5. On display of Android System Recovery option, use volume up and down key to select menu and power key to accept it.
6. Select wipe data / factory reset
7. press Power key to confirm
8. select Yes — delete all user data, press power key to confirm
9. Select Reboot system now to finish hard reset.

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