How to Leave All Facebook Group At Once

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Groups on Facebook are one of the easiest ways to connect and discuss with people on social media. But the rate at which people add other users to irrelevant groups is getting out of hand. Nowadays, some content providers tend to use it to promote their blog after adding thousands of people in the group.

The worst of it is, they do at times share pxrn content, adverts not of interest to people in the group and discuss irrelevant issues. Personally, am usually annoyed each time a see notification and click the tab to find out that they are just notifications from irrelevant groups.
Facebook Group

It is time wasting to start using the “leave” option in all the groups, especially when you’ve been added to over hundred different groups. The steps below will guide you through doing the same thing faster with less effort:

• Log on with PC to you facebook account.
• Download Toolkit for Facebook Google Chrome Web store and run it on chrome.
• From your Facebook account open the group page to view groups.
• Navigate to the Toolkit For Facebook option at the top right of your browser and open it.

• Next, click on Removal Tools sub-option of Premium Removal Tools and choose Remove All Groups At Once.
• That’s all, the toolkit will do the rest.

Note: you need not close the group window on your browser during the process. And take down the names of the groups you’re interested in so you can join them again.

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