How to Fix Blank Screen Issue on Dell Inspiron

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Dell is one of the leading manufacturer in the technology industries springing from PC to laptop and others making with only but a few other manufacturers to compete with when it comes to quality and quantity. However, like every other system (PC, laptop or smartphone) malfunctioning might occur for possible reasons. One such malfunctioning is blank screen for Dell Inspiron B130.

These are the two possible reasons for blank screen:

  • Bad screen
  • Failing inverter
However, before you conclude it a faulty screen or inverter failure, first of all try to connect the laptop with an external monitor. That way you will be able to isolate the problem. Also. try using  VGA cable connect your system to the external monitor and power them on. If the system boots to desktop, then the problem is one of the earlier mentioned issues.

Note: in some cases the screen might not be total blank but could be very hard to see.

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