How to Back Up Android Contacts and Media Files Without Wifi

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The initial backup and restore option that comes with your Android smartphone usually requires wifi connection with internet access to sync data like I explained in a previous post on how to backup Alcatel Pop 3 personal data.

However, you need to know that for syncing to be successful you need to have sufficient data subscription and good network connection. But doing your backup offline using SD card and system for media files doesn’t require internet.

Here is how it works:

  1. How to Back Up Contacts on Storage (Import/Export)

  • Go to your application's location and scroll to find contact app.
  • It is usually preinstalled, go ahead and launch the app.
  • Press the “menu” follow by the “Import/Export”
  • Follow the subsequent steps to either export to your SD card or import stored contact backup from it.
  1. How to Backup and Restore Media Files on PC

  • Using a good USB cable connect your phone to PC
  • Slide down your notification from the top the change connection option from charge only or other options to “MTP”.
  • From your system explorer open your phone media files (usually in one of the folders) and copy them to your PC in a new directory.
  • To restore them back again connect your phone to the PC where the files are backed up.
  • Copy and transfer the files to the folder they were copied from your phone to PC before.
  • When the transfer is complete eject the phone and that’s all.

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