How to Back Up Alcatel Pop 3 Personal Data

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It's better to be on the safe side than be sorry later on. Even big companies don’t joke with data that's why you might have heard them talking about cloud computing so the data is not just stocked in one system and when that system goes down everything is lost but rather the data is being stored in cluster of systems which means when one system goes down, the other still have the data in it.

Small firms are not left out as they still create ways to back up too, should in case something goes wrong. And this is done regularly to have the recent update on your back up.

Doing the same thing to your smartphone which you use to carry out the different task and communicate would definitely save you a lot of trouble should by any means it starts to malfunction. Don’t get me wrong, even we human make mistakes how much more a programmable device.

Here is a guide on how to back up your Alcatel Pop 3 device:

  1. First guide for backing up with Google Account (Gmail).
  • A Gmail account is required, so sign up if you don’t already have one and connect wifi with internet access to start the process.
  • Press your “menu” button and scroll to “settings”
  • Navigate to settings till you find “Backup & reset” option then press it.
  • Turn on “Back up my data” with “Automatic restore” option.
  • Next, press “Set backup account” to select your logged in Gmail account or add one.
  • Select the entire menu you want to be backup and press “Sync now” from the top right side.
  • That’s all.

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