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Lot of changes in data price and bundle mobile network providers and Glo playing top as in leading the way the that sector has adjusted the data subscription plan that their users will enjoy.

Making data purchase is easy by simply dialing *777# but for people who will like to view the complete data subscription list of all plans for them to make better choice on which one to subscribe you’ll find it in detail below:

Note: You can also subscribe or checked data usage via the
Glo High Speed Internet (HSI) Portal

Bundle Name

Amount (NGN)

Data Bundle


SMS to 127


1 Day Pack5030MB*127*14#141 Day
Instant  Surf100100MB*127*51#511 Day
Smallie200200MB*127*56#563 Days


Big Week5001GB*127*57#5710 Days


Always Micro10002GB*127*53#531 Month
My Phone20006GB*127*55#551 Month
So Special250010GB*127*58#581 Month
Always Macro300012GB*127*54#541 Month
N4,000 Data Plan400018GB*127*59#591 Month
Always Min500024GB*127*2#111 Month
Always Max800048GB*127*1#121 Month
Gold1500060GB*127*12#161 Month
Platinum1800090GB*127*13#171 Month


N500_Weekend_Plan5003GB*127*61#61Sat 12am – Sun 11:59pm & Nights 12am – 5pm
G 10060004GB*127*5#20100Hrs 1 Month
G 3001500012GB*127*4#21300Hrs 3 Months
G-Leisure50004GB*127*7#308PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends
G-Work60004GB*127*6#318am – 9pm

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  1. Glo N500 *127*57# data plan now 1.6GB and last for a duration of 7 days.


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