MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat Airtime Transfer Code or Text

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Knowing how to transfer airtime from any network now would save you minutes of surfing the net looking for how to, for your own network. Chances are you might not even know how to transfer for one particular network let alone talk two cause nowadays people uses more that one SIM card due dual sim device on sale.

However airtime transfer most times can serve as exchange of value where banks are not within or not operating that day. Below is a guide to transfer credit from MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat.

Here is how to transfer credit from you MTN to another MTN number:

  1. SMS "0000 NewPin(1234) NewPin(1234)" to 777

  2. Dial *600* number to receive the airtime * amount * your pin#
OR via SMS

  1. Send "Transfer  MTNnumber  Amount  Pin" to 777.
    eg: "Transfer 080xxxxxxxx 1000 1234" to 777
    Follow the next prompt sent to you and reply with "Yes" to 777

Here is how to transfer credit from you Glo to another Glo number:

  1. SMS the word "ACT" to 131 to activate Me2U
  2. SMS "0000  NewPin(1234)  NewPin(1234)" to 777
  3. Dial *131*PhoneNumber*Amount*Pin#
    For example *131*080xxxxxxxx*100*1234#

Here is how to transfer credit from you Airtel to another Airtel number:

  1. Text "PIN OldPin NewPin" To 432
  2. SMS "2U  PhoneNumber  Amount  Pin” to 432

Here is how to transfer credit from you Etisalat to another Etisalat number:

  1. Dial *247*0000*NewPin# to change your default pin
  2. To transfer dial *223*pin*amount*number#
    For example *223*1234*70*09099999999#
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