0804YOU: Get Your Reserve NTEL Number

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NTEL formerly known as NiTel is back to make a difference in Nigeria telecommucation industry with 4G LTE Advanced network that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear voice over LTE and high speed internet access of 230Mbps.

The company made its first on-net test data call in Lagos on Monday January 18, 2016 and this was followed by its first Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) call in Lagos on Thursday February 25, 2016.
They currently working on new 4G/LTE advanced mobile network in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt city in Nigeria. Further cities will be added over time with ntel projecting to cover 85% of Mobile Broadband spending with its LTE advanced services within three years and some 95% within 5 years.
Number reservation has begun on the ntel website, leaving ntel pioneering users with two options: Generate a random number through the click of a button or reserve up to 5 numbers by choosing the numbers and checking for their availability.

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