How to Subscribe MTN N150 Unlimited Data Plan

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Good news to every MTN users out there who have been waiting for the day when data will be at your door step at an affordable price. Like they say where there is no competition market the customers perish that alone would explain the motive for this sodden tremendous change as one of the leading mobile network service provider in Nigeria MTN introduces N150 unlimited data plan.

The MTN N150 data plan would last for complete 24 hours when you subscribe. During the time of usage subscriber can download, stream and surf the net as you want without receive any notice that you have exceeded your fair usage limit.

Steps: Code to Subscribe for The MTN N150 Daily Plan
Dial *567*59# to check your eligibility to subscribe for this plan.
If eligible reply with 1 to the prompt that pops up after dialing the above USSD code.
To deactivate dial the same code, press 2 following the next prompt and your will be deactivated from automatic renewal.

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