How to Cancel All MTN Mobile Adverts

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Nothing is more annoying like when you're expecting good alert and text comes in only to find out that it was an irrelevant adverts sent to you from your network service provider.

Let's get it straight, no mobile network is suppose to send you any ads because you pay for calls, data and other services when subscribed. So sad our leading network providers are too good in popping up irrelevant text messages with no option whether the user likes to see such or not.

Finally Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has took a step to free people who don't want pointless text messages and call advert to opt out from them after making them pay 50 billion for failure to adhere to directives of NCC.

To opt out of all MTN advert simply dial *123*5*4#, follow the prompt to with 1 and yes respectively.

If you have any other complain concerning your mobile network feel free to call NCC via 622. It's toll free.

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