Download U-Mobile for Easy Airtime Top up and Mobile Transaction

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With U-Mobile application installed in your device you don’t have queue up in any bank each time you are to make payment that the money is actually coming from your pocket (UBA bank account).

Airtime top up is even easier from your UBA Bank account when you use the U-Mobile with no extra charges attached. This saves you time from going out and buying from sellers that might not be close to you when you need them urgently.

One thing is to download U-Mobile another and most important thing is to download the right U-Mobile application. Downloading this money transaction app could risky uploading your bank details to if it is not from the UBA bank source. Also older version might be lacking some new features the makes the app cool to use, so if you already have it installed be sure your application is up-to-date.

Download U-Mobile Directly with Your Device from:
Google Play Store

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