MTN Data Plans and Subscription Code

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Everywhere you go, in most things you do, communication plays a major role in your day to day activities, lots of people now prefer the use of email, social application, instant messenger like popular Whatsapp etc. For some people after a stressful or stress-free day at work they want to listen, stream or download movies, all to entertainment themselves to keep the body and soul going in this too busy world. On the other hand others sort for information be it for research purpose and the fastest and easiest place to find such information is in the international network (known as the  internet or net).

All these resource can only be made possible when you have internet access. Although their are several ways to achieve that, the common once we know is through mobile network service provider(s). When data are purchased from those service providers and the appropriate settings to enable you browse is configure then you can have access to the internet.

Mobile Telephone Networks (MTN) being one of the leading network service provider in Nigeria has lots of data plan that I believe almost all their users can afford if not the big data plan, as in megabytes or gigabytes they will go for the small data plans.

There is nothing more like having the rightful info at your finger tips. So I suggest you bookmark or save this page in your browser for you to easily find it when you need MTN subscription code to top up your data.

Here is the MTN Data Plans and Their Subscription Codes

Please note that if you want to subscribe by sending text message to the network provider (MTN), what you need to do is remove the "*" and "#" symbol from the code you are suppose to dial and text to 131

Data Plan   Amount(N)   Duration      Activation Code USSD
10MB             100                    24hrs               *104#

25MB             150                     24hrs              *112#

50MB             200                    24hrs              *113#

150MB           500                    1 Week           *103#

260MB          1000                  1 Month          *106#

325MB          1300                   1 Month          *109#

750MB          2000                  1 Month           *110#

1.5GB            3500                   1 Month           *111#

2015MB       2015                    1 Month            Text "SPB" to 131

4.5GB           2500                    1 Month           *102#

(Night Plan from 9PM- 6AM)

4.5GB           6500                    1 Month            *129#

7.5GB           8000                    1 Month            *101#

4.5GB           2500                    1 Month            *120#

(3GB night and 1.5GB day)

MTN BlackBerry BBM Data Plan

Data Plan           Bundle  Amount(N)   Duration      Activation to 21600

BBM Daily             5MB        25                       24hrs              BBMD

BBM Weekly         25MB     100                     1 Week           BBMW

BBM Monthly       100MB   350                     1 Month         BBMM

BlackBerry Complete, Absolute and Quarterly Plan

Data Plan           Bundle  Amount(N)   Duration      Activation to 21600

BB Complete         100MB   100                    24hrs               BBCDAY

500MB    500                   1 Week            BBCWEEK

2GB         1000                  1 Month          BBC

BB Absolute          100MB    100                    24hrs              BBDAY

500MB    550                    1 Week           BBWEEK

2GB          1500                  1 Month         BIS

BB Quarterly        2GB          4000                 Quarterly       BBQ

BlackBerry OS 10 Data Plan

Data Bundle                 Amount(N)   Duration      SMS activation to 21600       OR Dial

1.5GB3,0001 MonthText BBMAXIM*216*5*3#
350MB1,1001 WeekText BBMAXIW*216*5*2#
500MB1,5001 MonthBBMIDIM*216*4*3#
125MB5501 WeekBBMIDIW*216*4*2#
260MB1,0001 MonthBBLITEM*216*3*3#
70MB3501 WeekBBLITEW*216*3*2#
10MB7024hrsBBLITED *216*3*1#

 To check data balance and expiry date text "STATUS" without double quote to 21600

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