How To Free Up Storage Space On Android To Save Important Files Or Pictures

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No matter how large the size of our android device internal or external memory may be, it will still get fill up someday except you don’t use of to five percent of the functionality you are supposed to enjoy from that device.

So may be in your own case you don’t have an external card memory to support the internal memory with more storage space. For the first few months of purchase you might be saying the mobile inbuilt memory is enough but as time goes someday tried the take a snapshot but the device prompt you saying “insufficient memory” to save file.

Well, you don’t actually need to go get an external memory card immediately you see such. All you free up some space from your phone without deleting your important files, pictures, videos etc.

Here is how to free up space on your android:

  1. Uninstall some applications.
    There is several applications you have installed that you probably have not used for a very long time and still don’t have any intension of using them for now. Write down the name in case you have need of it later and uninstall such apps.
    Uninstalling apps like that will free up space in the system storage which will enable you install newly downloaded applications.
  2. Delete some apk and other unimportant files.
  • Open file manager
  • Check your, Bluetooth, flash share, one mobile market folder if you are not downloading directly from play store.
  • Locate and delete any file that end with .(dot) apk extension that you have already installed.
  • Do the same for other unimportant files
  • That’s all you need to do to free storage space on your android phone.

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