App Installing by Themselves – Why You Should Not Root Android Device

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A lot of Android users just want to root there phone even when they don’t know the disadvantage of rooting or advantage. Although, we see no reason why you’ll want to root a device that you can hardly say you use thirty percent off. Some people who have done so in the past now wish they didn’t because of the reason listed below wish might be your reason not to ever root your android no matter the enticement of any support technician, ads or apps you see.
  • Apps starts installing themselves
  • You won’t have full control over your settings.
Your hotspot, wifi, data and other settings will automatically turn themselves on and off within you permit them by pressing their button.
  • Ads from the owner of that rooting software you used will keep pop up to interrupt when doing something important.

Think of these three things when next someone tells you about rooting because you would not enjoy that device anymore.

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